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Transforming Drone Data into Oblique Imagery with Oblimapper (march 2017)

Seeing the world in 3D oblique

Metric oblique image collection with UAVs (November 2016)

Idan Computers Ltd. Announces a New Vision for Lead’Air’s Octoblique MIDAS Camera System

Get Mapping- Geosense to Supply Oblique Aerial Imagery (July 2016)

A new patent granted to Idan
Systems and methods for rapid three-dimensional modeling with real facade texture (February 2014)

Getting the Most from Your Oblique Aerial Images (August 2013)

Oblivision for browser- Try our new Internet product (July 2013)

Rishon Lezion Municipality provides oblique aerial images services (November 2012)

Homeland security -IMPS - Idan Mission Planning System.mp4  (YouTube)
Short demo of capabilities in IMPS software (October 2010)

Israel's 'Lt.Gen Computer' Can Plan Military Operations
One of the "Made in Israel" developments presented at the Israel Defense Expo -ISDEF (October 2010)

The Getmapping partnership with Idan's Oblivision
Routinely acquiring oblique aerial photos in tandem with its vertical photography (March 2006)

TatukGIS News- IDAN Computers Ltd
Used for Homeland Security and Military Mission Planning Software (January 2006)

Press Releases - Directions Magazine
Idan's Oblivision image analysis tool combines the accuracy of orthophotos and the detail of oblique photography (September 2003)

New Technology in Oblique Imaging: Oblivision (PDF)
GIS Monitor (July 3, 2003)


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