Homeland Security & Civil Engineering

About us

Corporate Overview
Idan Computers Ltd. is a well-established software company providing image analysis, computer-assisted design, and 3-D modeling tools. Industry applications include transportation, real estate development, engineering, law enforcement, and homeland security. Idan’s customer base consists of government authorities at the national and local levels, military and law enforcement agencies, and private industry. Founded in 1970, Idan is headquartered in Rishon LeZion, Israel.

Idan is led by a respected management team with extensive experience in software development, civil engineering, and the geospatial industry. Idan’s experienced team is Idan’s guarantee that the firm will continue delivering innovative products that respond to clients’ current and future needs.

Joseph G. Freund, CEO and President
Owner of Idan Computers. Since 1971, Joseph G. Freund is a leading expert in scientific computing and civil engineering applications. He is a codeveloper of CARTA, the first commercial contouring software system based on triangulation. Freund is often called on to offer consultation services to the Israeli government, military, and courts. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Tel Aviv University.

Shalom Elkin, CTO
Shalom Elkin has been with Idan Computers for 30 years. His experience spans broad areas of software design and implementation, hardware systems, and communications in real-time commercial and engineering systems. Previously, Elkin served as senior software specialist at Digital Equipment Corporation and Silicon Graphics. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics from Tel Aviv University.