Homeland Security & Civil Engineering


Oblimapper is a subset of IMPS, revealing only the drone related functionality.

ObliMapper is an image capturing, handling and analysis tool, designed to combine the benefits of orthophoto with the rich detail of oblique photos.
With its 360 view of the area, ObliMapper facilities in transforming visual data into accurate, meaningful and actionable visual intelligence.
ObliMapper is designed for off the shelf drones.

The work process:

  • Flight planning and image capturing
    Automatically creates a flight plan for the area of interest.
    Flies autonomously and captures images by using a drone's standard camera.
    Automatically process the images.
  • 2D Analyze
    View up to date oblique images from all directions.
    Accurately measures the oblique images.
    Analyze terrains, contour lines, slopes, visibility and GIS data.
    All of the above actions can be done in less than five minutes after the drone lands.
    Create an Orthophoto.
  • 3D Analyze
    Creates a 3D model.
    Creates a digital surface model.
    Integrates a 3D viewer.
    Measure distance, perform line of sight analysis and annotates objects.Download Brochure